How to mow after overseeding


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How to mow after overseeding

I've read way too many sites on overseeding and mowing and have received great info on both subjects, but none of them have answered my main concern.
How and when do I mow after overseeding.

About 2 weeks ago I cut my lawn short, about 1 1/2". I typically cut high around 4-5". I also bagged my clippings which I typically do not do. I always mulch mow. I then did the prep work and aerated etc. before overseeding.

Now it's been 2 weeks and I can see the seedlings starting to grow, but the rest of the lawn is extremely high. I'd guess around 6" or so.

Is it safe to mow the lawn now? If so, how do I need to mow it? I don't want to mow it short in fear I could rip up the seedlings, but I don't know if I should mow high because that may block out the sunlight that they need to grow.

I also don't know if I should be mulching at this time or not. I typically do mulch but I would hate for the clippings to smother the seedlings and prevent them from growing.

Any advice is greatly appreciated!
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Mulching and mowing are both fine, but I'd set the mower around 3" for the next mow or two until the new grass is really coming in well.
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Make sure your blade is sharp and you run at a high engine speed (not ground speed) want clean cuts not tearing.
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I'd wait a few days for the seedlings @ 2.75", mow at like 3" and bag the clippings, do not mulch mow until the next mow or the one after that so you don't smoother the seedlings that are currently smaller than 2".

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