Landscaping ideas [jkmnnn]


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Landscaping ideas [jkmnnn]

Just moved into this house on Aug 1, after cleaning out the mess that was left behind the shed I'm left with a blank canvas to work with and I'm looking for some suggestions. I really just want to build up the ecosystem and have a nice living yard with different animals, plants, birds, bees etc.
A few of my thoughts:

There was a kiddies pool back there just breeding mosquitos. I removed it 6 weeks ago but I still get attacked when i walk back in that corner. I'm thinking about planting some garlic back there because I've read they wont live near it.

That area obviously doesn't get great sun so I was thinking of planting some ferns and hostas. I also though about just throwing some grass seed down.

I want to have something plated that will cover the back of that garage and doesn't get to top-heavy with all the leaves up top and just stems on the wall. I left the ivy in for that reason and hope that clearing out some of the weeds will promote it's growth. I'm not totally in love with the ivy so would appreciate other thoughts. Ideally I'd get something that flowers and attracts birds and bees, maybe a clematis or something. I'd love to have some wisteria on the property, but haven't researched it much so I'm not sure if it would work there.

Bonus points for native plants (I'm in Philadelphia, Zone 6).

Here are some pictures:


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I'm just a little curious about the title you posted.... jkmnnn
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With winter coming, the skeeters should soon be gone for the year. That area appears to be in shade most of the day. Personally, I would fill in the low spots with top soil and plant a shade loving grass. The ivy on the neighbors garage may eventually cause him problems, but not for a long while.
Check a nursery for plants that attract butterflies and humming birds. Plant in sunny areas of the yard.
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Haha, i have no idea how that happened. I copy/pasted from a text file. It should read "Behind shed ideas"
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who would have ever guessed that

I've found that in some areas that aren't conducive for growing anything it's better to just cover it with mulch.

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