Paver Patio Slope


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Paver Patio Slope

I'll try to make this as clear as possible. I'm about to finish the outer wall of a 16'x20' paver patio. I made the mistake of sloping it in 2 directions (along the x and y...back to front and right to left.) In doing this, I didn't realize that while my slope from back to front is a subtle 2.5" and my slope from right to left is a subtle 2.5", the difference in elevation of the back right corner and the front left corner is about 5". So I'm concerned it will noticeable and look and/or feel odd. Am I still in the comfortable zone?

If it is in fact a bit too much, is there any way to subtly correct the higher in, saturate the surrounding ground and distribute a lot of weight evenly over the wall to sink it an inch or so? (sorry, may be a ridiculous idea)

Thanks for any help
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Welcome to the forums.

Sorry, I know it isn't what you want to hear, but I think you need to take up the pavers and sand and regrade your base.
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I did something similar, but in only one direction. Keep in mind it's an outdoor patio. I won't be perfect. Without lots of rework I don't think it's worth the effort. You'll only notice the slop if you have drinks filled to the lip of the glass. And with enough of those glasses filled you won't care.
Seriously I don't think it's too big a problem and it's better than no slope at all.

On the other hand, if this is the first row or column then yes lift the pavers and re-level the whole area.
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Knowing that it exceeded conventional wisdom, and that we may consequently do it over, we did one for ourselves last year, with 1-1/2" of slope across 10' and 5-1/2" of slope across 20'. It came out exactly as planned, and I am totally pleased with it. Yes, you can see and feel the slope, but I do not find it one bit uncomfortable or unappealing.
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A slope of about 1/4" per foot is not noticed by most people. As you approach 1/2" per foot "technically minded" people will notice the slope while non-technical people still don't notice. Slope more than 1/2" per foot is noticeable to more and more people and things on tables can take annoying rolls and chairs can be a bit odd to sit in depending on which way you are facing. Personally I consider 1/2" per foot to be the upper limit for a patio that should be "level".

I would say walk around your patio. Set out a cocktail table and a chair and try them in different positions. Does it feel acceptable to you or will it annoy you for years to come?

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