Professional grade sprinkler valve


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Professional grade sprinkler valve


I'd like to use a pro grade valve. My piping is 3/4" and I need vertical connections.

I was thinking of using the Rainbird DAS/ASVF-075 .

Is this a good choice? It almost seems too cheap to be pro grade but it's got to be better than the consumer grade.

Rain Bird DAS/ASVF Series Sure Flow Automatic Anti-Siphon Valve


Edit - I think Amazon is selling the one w/o flow control and that's why its so cheap. The part number they list does not match the product shown.
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I would not reccommend buying sprinkler parts from Amazon. Go through a distributor or directly from Rainbird if you can help it.

Those look okay, but I don't see any warranty info? The Irritrol 2700 has been popular for years... Has a 5 year manufacture warranty. Don't buy Lawn Genie. They're out of business and soon parts will be obsolete and the valve will be unserviceable.

2700 Series

Local distributor searches:
Distributor Locator
Where to Buy Rain Bird Irrigation Products
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I have had very good luck with Rainbird parts. If you are doing your lawn take advantage of their free planning service. They will provide a sprinkler layout and a parts list and you'll get a discount to order directly from them. Otherwise look up your local Rainbird distributor like hailiegirl recommended. Getting to know them will also be helpful if you get in a pinch and need just one little part.

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