Should I use a Reel Mower?


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Should I use a Reel Mower?

I live in North Dallas, TX and my lawn is all bermuda. I definitely have less than half an acre and currently use a gas powered lawn mower. Back yard is very smooth and flat, front yard has a small hill (not major) and slightly bumpy due to rabbit damage. Would a reel mower work well? I like the idea of it not using gas, and I push my lawn mower anyway so I'm not worried about "working". I saw ones sold by Fiskars and they look pretty neat.

Any recommendations? Thanks.
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Fiskar's look nice but have a high price tag compared to a Craftsman. Either way, they tend to make a narrower swatch than a power mower. More "hiking" per lawn cutting and the gearing adds to the effort. If you want to bag, that adds to the weight when pushing and may have to be emptied more often than a power mower bag.

A push hand mower will definitely save on gas and your neighbors will be happier without the motor racket.
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I saw a NaturCut that was also able to handle Bermuda. The narrower the width of the cut, the easier a reel mower is to push. You'll be able to skip the gym that day, but there's great satisfaction in doing the job with a whir instead of the roar, and the smell is fresh-cut grass rather than burnt petroleum.
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I used to use a Scotts Reel Mower on a lawn of about 8000 SF. It performed well as long as I kept it sharp and well lubricated . . . . and it was good exercise.

Now I mow about 3 acres so it wouldn't be practical for a walk behind; but I would consider a tow behind "gang" of reel mowers; if my lawn(s) were flat enough and the maintenance was reasonable.

Reel mowers actually "cut" the blade of grass instead of just whacking it hard and breaking it off, so your lawn tends to be more disease free; and many golf courses use them for that very reason.

I think someone still manufactures reel mowers in the US to be sold under the "Scotts" name.
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I don't know if reel movers have changed any over the last 50 yrs but I remember them doing a good job on everything but weeds for whatever reason a lot of the weeds would slide thru the blades and stand back up when you got done mowing

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