Sprinkler help


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Sprinkler help

Hello all,
I had to replace my old galvanized manual water valve. Up till then, I had to run both zones at same time, I couldn't with one without the other was way too much pressure unless I didn't turn it on all the the way on. So I installed a automatic rain bird valves for these two zones. The only other thing I had to repair in the yard was my main line coming to the house which I crossed over and cut a sprinkler line but repaired. After installing the new valves I have good pressure on just one zone and the other ok pressure couldn't get really full coverage where before the new valves I had lots of coverage. I'm not able to run new valves at same time and if I were able to it would hardly no pressure. I only run each zone about 8 min. Now I have noticed a small sink hole last year which we thought it was some type of animal digging And this is inline right where the line may have been cut between these two sprinklers. I know it's possibly for that connection to be loose.

Question, could running for those 8 mins cause this sink hole and not enough for water to come to the top????

Can that one valve be bad that's on the zone?
What other options can I look at

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It is possible you have a leak in the line supplying the irrigation valves. It's also possibly the emitters, their filters or the valves are clogged with debris.

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