Sprinkler Line Layout


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Cool Sprinkler Line Layout

I am considering putting in a sprinkler system for my front yard only. I will be using Hunter PGP rotors. I'm wondering which is the better layout for the lateral lines. Please see Picture.

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For ease of connections..... I'd use the second method.
Splitting the loops evenly insures that all the heads per zone receive the same pressure.
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I ran my system more like your first sketch. I have trunk lines and then a lateral for each emitter to insure that they all receive as even pressure and flow as possible. My system was very small and the area was completely excavated then buried after doing the plumbing so it was extremely easy to run the lines. For most "normal" size systems I would go with the second sketch to minimize the trenching and piping required. It will work fine if you use the correct size line and you have the water supply to support it.
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Definitely the 2nd sketch. Any trenching machine is going to work best if you just loop it around the perimeter. Look at how many less connections that will be. For lines that loop around a corner but need to be "exactly" in a corner, you just tee off and extend them to that exact location.

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