Watering Schedule


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Watering Schedule

I know each region requires a different answer but I am curious for those in the North East , how long do you water your lawn for? Every Day or every other Day? I am currently watering my lawn daily for about 20-25 min per zone in the early morning and then for 5 min per zone in the middle of the day. Is this too much or a good schedule? My lawn is brand new, back yard is 2 years old and front yard was seeded last year.
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Rule of thumb is water in the morning so ground is thoroughly wet. Do not water during the mid day sun. If grass is new or just being planted then the ground should stay wet at all times until grass germinates (use hay or burlap to cover new seeded lawns to maintain water and block hash sun). Once grass is well established daily watering should not be necessary, provided seasonal weather prevails. During droughts grass will naturally go dormant (brown). It will come back. Watering during a drought is nothing more than wasteful.
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As Norm said, deep watering is good but light watering is bad. You want the grass roots to grow deep not turn up to find the water at the top of the soil. Deep watering will allow the grass to withstand droughts better [even if you don't water during the drought] Personally I only water my grass when the seeds are young.

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