I can dry my eyes, but the yard?


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Question I can dry my eyes, but the yard?

I recently bought a home in a residential area where the homes are close together and mainly separated by the driveways. my backyard comes up to the southern neighbors property which is sloped and higher than my yard level. Which of course means we get LOTS of water in the yard. I am trying to figure out what can be done to correct or at least stop the bleeding so to speak. I have young kids that love the yard when it is dry, but do not desire the muddy mess it turns into with even light rains. Thanks
I am going to take a few photos to show this today.
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The first thing to keep in mind is you generally cannot change the natural flow of water without permits. So, you can't simply dig a ditch and redirect the water onto someone else's property.

What is the topography of your property like? Is there natural slope to work with? Does the water that ends up in your back yard have somewhere to go?
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On the same page, if your neighbor raised his property and directed his water onto your yard, all be it before you purchased, that should not have happened. If there was an existing grade where that water came onto your lawn then it has to be dealt with on your property.

Your city hall may have the original landscape plans to help determine where that water was originally intended to go.

If you have no way to direct it over the surface, then perhaps you can direct it down, just as long as it doesn't end up in someone's basement.

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So the property is sloped and about 10 or so feet higher to the south. This was the natural land. The neighbors did not change that at all. 50 years ago the land was still above this property. I'm just trying to figure out what types of remedies may be available or possible.

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