I.D. weed and advise how to destroy it!


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I.D. weed and advise how to destroy it!

What is this clovery thing and how can I rid my yard of it?!

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Looks like clover to me, and not sure that this is the time of year for it, may be just a tad late into the season, although your local nursery, feed mill, or whatever should be able to tell you, but, if I'm correct, plain old weed and feed will take care of 90% of it.
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Although to some people, clover is unsightly, it is the best ground cover you can have. It takes nitrogen from the air and converts it to their root system, naturally fertilizing your lawn. I have planted hay fields in crimson clover before. It enriched the soil tremendously for future crops. It grows intermingled with my other grasses on my acreage, and looks just fine. Now, it may not win a "yard of the month" award.
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More specifically, what you have is white clover. Some folks want it gone because they say it attracts bees. I say we need the bees. As Chandler says, clover has nitrogen-fixing nodules on the roots which extract nitrogen from the air and add it to the soil. Free fertilizer.

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