clean fill vs topsoil?


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clean fill vs topsoil?

I'm finally wrapping up a new addition to the house, and need to do the site work including grading and lawn work. for the grading i think I should use clean fill vs. all topsoil since it will be as deep as 7-8" near the structure sloping down to 1" or so at the curb? how much topsoil do I need to be able to plant a lawn? also, who is a good source for the fill? PLenty of folks around that sell topsoil but not sure about this? thx jp
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If I were filling in 3 or more feet to bring the level up to the 12" range I would consider clean fill, but with the depths you are looking at I would avoid it. Now, our "clean fill" up here is about anything without tree stumps and 2x4's in it.

From top down I would recommend 4" of loam, and the rest either top soil or whatever they offer for bank run fill. You can also specify the screening as desired to remove rocks and other stuff.


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