Mushrooms in the lawn...


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Mushrooms in the lawn...

Hello all!

Over the past few weeks I've had a small area where quite a few mushrooms have been popping up. This isn't an area with drainage problems, and we have had just a ton of rain over this time period. Any ideas on how to get rid of them? Or do I just deal with them? To view some picture, go to

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See this similar thread.

Those particular mushrooms are from the genus "coprinus" and its a pretty sure bet that there used to be a tree there. They like to feed off the old decaying material from the trees, but they can also live off any other decaying material- lawn thatch, for example. They look bad but really aren't harmful and will likely go away when the rainy season is over. That particular mushroom is actually edible if you can get it before it starts to turn inky.
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Kick off the tops when they appear or dig out the decaying organic matter on which they're feeding are about your only options.

Eat mushrooms? Disgusting.

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