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Help with a Design

Ok so this is my first ever sprinkler installation design. I have made a map of my backyard and I think that I have everything ready.
I am just going to hook a hose up to my faucet (with a vacuum breaker) and have it lead to a pvc pipe which will go underground into a zone box. I tested the faucet and the psi is at 50 and the GPM is 6.8

Now I have a couple of questions for the community. I am thinking of installing these sprinklers throughout my entire lawn. ( Hunter PROS-06-PRS30 - 6 inch Pop-Up Spray Head with Pressure Regulator (Body Only-Nozzles Sold Separately) for Sprinkler & Irrigation Systems )
I will be using two nozzles, one for a 10' radius and another for a 15' radius.
Hunter PRO-15A Adjustable Arc Nozzle for sprinklers and irrigation system.

Hunter PRO-10A Adjustable Arc Nozzle for sprinklers and irrigation system.

Here are my questions...
Will the setup that I have so far work? (See picture below)
How should I split up my zones?
Should I have my zone box close to the backyard where all my sprinklers are or closer to my faucet which is by my house?
How many sprinklers should I have per zone?

Here is my floor plan so far. Red circles indicate possible sprinklers and blue circles indicate the sprinkler radius.
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You can get away with one zone here, since you only have 5 heads and 3 of them will be 90 degree sprays and gpm prolly less than 1gpm. But I would use the MP rotators or a hunter pgp Junior for this since no spray will go 20 ft. and if they did they would use about 3gpm to do it. You can also get stream rotors from any of the big box stores H- DEPOT, Lowes, menards. Their characteristics are low water consumption but large coverage.

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