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Fence: Need advice. Wood vs Block to Convince Neighbor

Fence: Need advice. Wood vs Block to Convince Neighbor


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Fence: Need advice. Wood vs Block to Convince Neighbor

I have 53' x 6' high current wood fence. 1/3 of it sloping uphill 30% slope. Additional IVY is another 1 foot high giving us some sound barrier overall and height privacy. Currently I am removing Ivy manually w/o contractor, to reduce cost which is covered on my side of the roots end. Neighbor is removing residual because he doesn't want the cost to remove Ivy with contractor, and I am now removing mine to minimize removal fee all together, but he wants the savings. I was going to share the cost of all Ivy removal with the fence. To the POINT:

Our cost of the replacement fence is $1,850. (The total cost of the fence has to take in paint (HOA mandates, but not for block walls), which he wants to elect to paint on our own, which is an additional (I do not know how much that costs, there is the dimensions listed, and we will spray on with the cost of a rental sprayer). The total cost for a block wall is $5,500. I may be ablw talk him down. Although the difference maybe favorable with going WOOD pricing wise. I am favorable for going block wall for the following reasons. We share a wall, a semi-townhome 1,500 sq feet each but we do share a wall. We are so close I thought a block wall may minimize the following:

Longevity of fencing
Height - Block wall I would ask another 1 block layer be added until the 1/3 slope, then keep normal height. Low end is going uphill and wouldn't matter privacy wise.
Sound Barrier
Dogs barking at each other (sniffing, barking, etc. is already a problem)
Cost over the long run
Appraisal at sale

I want to go with the extra cost. I do not care. $1,500 investment over the fence cost is worth it to me for a solid structure between us. (BUT MATTERS because we need to split the total cost)

Can anyone give me some advice what to do. My end game is to make an argument for block wall, and include information in my letter to him. make my case with what is stated above (But with detail at each point which I have been drafting). But if I am way off the mark with needing a block wall let me know.

Currently I have a rear of property block wall. Other neighbor I have not approached yet. That is the situation. Thanks, I need advice bad.
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Welcome to the forums.

I'm trying to figure out what information we can give you that would be helpful.

You and your neighbor know the price of the block wall versus a wooden fence.
You've already listed the pluses.... now you have to sell the idea to your neighbor.

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