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Seeding/fertilizing lawn in Boston, Ma. right now?

Seeding/fertilizing lawn in Boston, Ma. right now?


Old 10-17-15, 01:00 AM
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Seeding/fertilizing lawn in Boston, Ma. right now?

Hi Folks,
The Landscapers didn't do such a good job- so they never put down the new Fall Grass seed this season OR last year at all. Is it too late now? We haven't had a true 1st frost quite yet but we're due very soon... Will that matter? And next week we're in for another warmish spell in the low 60's? And, if it is- is it still ok to fertilize or should I just wait now for Spring?
I have MOSTLY WEEDS now.
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Old 10-17-15, 04:37 AM
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No, it's not too late. The seed will just lie dormant until conditions are right.

Is your lawn still growing? If so then fertilizing with something that has a small first number (nitrogen) would be OK. If you are no longer having to mow and things have largely stopped growing for the season then it's probably a bit late for it to do much good.
Old 10-24-15, 01:50 PM
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Thanks- if the seed's going to sit dormant now, I'm worried the Landscapers will end up just blowing the seeds away or raking them up when they do he Fall Clean up next month. Grr. Would just waiting for Spring be my better option do you think? (AFTER they do the Spring clean-up?) And, I suppose I may as well wait on the fertilizer as I don't see much new growth even though they keep coming to mow- I also thought I read "somewhere" there are better times to fertilize to avoid feeding the weeds... ?? Deb.
Old 10-24-15, 05:23 PM
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I agree with PD. I think it's worth a shot. But you need to do it immediately. Rough up the top layer of dirt and place the seed in the ground, then using a roller to push it into the ground so it doesn't wash away or blow away. Then water, water, water, keep it moist at all times. Even if its cold as long as the sun shines it should germinate. And if it doesn't, no big loss, just start gain in spring.
Old 10-26-15, 08:16 AM
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I'm going to disagree - at least with the idea of throwing seed now to get results now, it's gotten too cold to get seed to germinate.

General rule of thumb if the lawn is more than 50% weeds or undesired grasses, one should kill everything before planting seed.

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