Flagstones in a 15x9' yard


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Flagstones in a 15x9' yard

Hey guys,

I'm helping my friend come up with ideas on land/hardscaping his small yard. It's about 15x9' and there is a cement walkway to the front door and cement slab in front of the sliding glass door which is on the side. From the dirt (or is it road base? it's new construction for a condo unit) to the top of the cement slab and walkway it's about 4" deep or so.

He was thinking about putting a combination of gravel or rockbase, mulch, and flagstones in the back. We're not 100% sure on the layout of everything but he wants a few areas with mulch to plant stuff, and either flagstones spaced a few inches apart for a small bistro table to rest on with a gravel/rockbase walkway or possibly just flagstone all the way through with some mulch on one side for plants.

We were initially thinking to get about 2" of crushed rock (as opposed to gravel) so that it could at least be 'prepped' for whatever he wants to do later (whether it's putting more crushed rock/gravel for a path or flagstones all around). I'm assuming, for the flagstones, we'd also need to put about 1" of sand down before laying the flagstones, then filling in the gaps between the stones with more sand, gravel/crushed rock, or mulch.

Does this make sense? Or is it overkill? Is the 2" layer of crushed rock too much? My concern with this is that whatever we decide to put on top of the crushed rock base will be stacked up too much and possibly end up being higher than the walkway and slab itself (around 4" high from the dirt). Do we need to consider more excavation?

The following pictures are a bit old as construction is complete now but it gives an idea of the space:

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This is a view from inside the yard looking out as if you were walking out from the front door. Not in the picture is the cement slab which is just in front of the sliding glass door on the right. I think it's about 3'x3' - the pipe painted red stick above the ground is the drainage pipe. Currently it's sort of graded to drain towards that and they've cut it down and put one of those atrium grates over it.

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This is a view from the outside walkway looking at the front of the property. Not the greatest shot but that's all I have right now.

What do you guys think?
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Updated pic here showing the concrete slab

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