Sprinkler head height


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Sprinkler head height

I just ran a new irrigation line and the backfill is in and sod is ready to be installed.

How high should the sprinkler head be installed?

Should it be flushed with the grade/ground or should it be flushed with the finished installed sod?

I am trying to figure out how high to put it, I am thinking once we have a heavy rain the backfill and sod would settled lower. I don't want the lawn mower to run over the heads that may be sticking out an inch too tall.
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I hate to say but "it depends". How deep did you excavate or till the soil and how loose is the soil and how much will it compact over time? The deeper the ground was loosened tends to mean there may be more compaction over time. In general I would place the top of the pop-up head no higher than flush with the freshly prepared ground expecting there would be at least some settling. Even if the emitter housing ends up being a bit low a 4" pop-up will compensate for a lot.
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There was a concrete deck poured over the backyard back in 2008 by the previous owner (against code no permit).

I just had the entire deck about 1200 SF demolished. Bob cat, jack hammers, wheel barrows. The deck was about 6-8" thick.

Clean fill was brought in and spread around manually. Between the demo and backfill it sat a month idle, with a few heavy downpours in between. Then the soil settled somewhat and the loose rocks were racked up.

I say the original soil below the demolished deck were disturbed about 3-6" deep, with another 3-6" deep of backfill over it. Then graded manually. So yes the entire site was basically torn upside down.

I am using 6" heads.

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