Leaf Collection and Neighbors

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Leaf Collection and Neighbors

Just wondered if any you experience problems with leaf collection and neighbors and/ or contractors? We have some neighbors blowing leaves into the street, which off course spreads them over other neighbors' yard with the wind and passing cars. The township has an ordinance that states to rake them to the curb line in a pile for the township cleanup service, but these people don't even make an attempt to do that. Others will blow the leaves right onto the nearby neighbors property. Inconsiderate to say the least.

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Ahhhhhh.... NJ leaf collection. I've found the experience to always be smooth and pain free.
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Unless you're ready to have a bad neighbor relationship I would just rake your own and keep quiet. And any complaint to the town will only get you a rep as being a gadfly. You can't fight nature. It's like ****ing the wind.

I don't have any trees in my yard (I dislike them intently) but every fall my neighbors leaves blow into my yard due to wind patterns. I discreetly blow them back into his yard and/or the street. Hey. it's the wind not me and they're his trees.
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Haven't raked a leaf in years - even though most of the leaves in y yard and from neighbors' trees, I just mulch them with the mower.

You can't control others and Norm nails why you shouldn't try.
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I don't have any trees in my yard (I dislike them intently)...
I'm pretty sure you meant that you dislike trees intensely.

I'm getting to that point. I have a red maple in my front yard. It is a pretty tree when the leaves are red but that is only in the late fall. It has a Y trunk about four or five feet up from the ground and therefore hangs over two different sections of roof. Clogs my gutters and the fallen leaves make a huge mess. The roots are sooner or later going to break my sidewalk and right now they are in the way keeping me from widening the sidewalk to where it should have been all along. At the very least I am going to cut off the side of the Y that is hanging over the garage roof.

A few years ago I had a flowering plum tree in the back that overhung the roof and filled the gutters with leaves. I had that one removed but it didn't seem to make a whole lot of difference in the gutter clogging. Come to think about it, other than the maple in front I don't have any trees within thirty feet of the house but the gutters still get clogged every year.
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That's funny had this same heated chat today with a customer.
This time of year about all I do is suck up and dispose of leave for people.
The guy across his street was blowing his leaves into the street and then with another pass blowing them into the gutters across the street and into his yard.
This is the same guy that was complaining to the town the colverts where plugged up and flooding his property.
What this guy did was take his lawn mower and blew them right back in his yard.
Funny part is last year he had called me for a price to clean up his yard.
Within an hour I got three calls from people warning me to get my money up front because he has a history of not paying.
Some people are just clueless and there's just no changing them.

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