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Clearing multiple stumps and overgrown brush root systems on hillside?

Clearing multiple stumps and overgrown brush root systems on hillside?


Old 01-31-16, 08:25 AM
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Clearing multiple stumps and overgrown brush root systems on hillside?

Hello all. This is a little trickier than it may first appear.

We purchased a lake side home where the main property is elevated 40' above the shoreline of a lake. The hillside slope is significant - not extreme. it's steep enough that im very concerned of tractor rollover, but can easily traverse up and down on foot.

The hillside has about 20 years of michigan overgrowth. There are about a dozen tree stumps less than 12" in diameter, and several dozen more bushes which have spawned into root systems of multiple 1-4" diameter stump clusters. All and all, way more than i would ever consider taking on by pick and shovel.

I have cut down the growth via chainsaw. Its now time to clear out the root systems and landscape.

I have a bx2230 with FEL and box blade at my disposal

There is no easy access to the bottom due to the lake (Unless i load a barge)

Ive considered a winch on the front end of the tractor to safely back my way down the hill and start at the bottom with the box blade/FEL. I would have to work my way up from the bottom and safely return down to the base via the winch. I anticipate traction concerns to cause difficulties. Safety is well beyond my comfort zone.

Is this a job for a mini excavator? I could rent one for a while. I'll still need to start at the bottom. Getting the mini excavator down the 40' hill is a safety mystery without tieing it off to yet another winch system. (Its possible - could winch off my diesel pickup as an anchor point)

At this point, i expect I'll need to pay an expert to take this on. Is there a simpler DIY method for a weekend warrior that i'm forgetting?

Any suggestions?

(I have photos, will figure out how to post)
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Old 01-31-16, 08:56 AM
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Do you (or the local authorities) have any concerns about silt run-off disturbing the Lake water ?

How large a parcel is it ?

If you have anyone around who dose this work, I'd seek out a quote to have the lot brush-hogged first, so that you can better see your way around. That person may also see a pattern for getting up and down the hill safely . . . . serpentine style.

He may also have access to a "grubber" blade for pulling out the stumps ?

Barring that, could you keep your own tractor and winch at the top of the hill, and dislodge and pull the stumps up to the top for chipping or burning ?

I'm not a practitioner in these matters, just a Real Estate Broker . . . . but I've been involved in selling many similar plots that needed a cleanup/facelift to either be prepared for sale, or to reveal their true value as "diamonds in the rough" after a purchase.

Either way, landscape improvement for enhancing the curbside appeal, or in your case, the shoreside appeal, is one of your best investments . . . . and the time to do it is BEFORE any construction is begun.
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I would rent a stump grinder & hire 2 day workers to remove the stumps. The winch idea, to guide the tractor sounds a little shaky. The barge sounds like a good idea

photobucket.com to post pics.
Old 01-31-16, 09:24 AM
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Years ago I hired someone with an attachment like this one and they cleared a 1/2 acre in about in less then 1/2 a day.
When done the area looked like a landscaped park.
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Old 01-31-16, 10:59 AM
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I've considered a winch on the front end of the tractor to safely back my way down the hill
While that can be doable you need to have a lot of confidence in the winch, how it's attached to the tractor and what the other end is secured to. When my driveway was first put in we had to drag a winch cable uphill and secure it to a tree so the dozer could get up onto the side of the hill - I'm glad I wasn't the one on the dozer!

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