Landscaping Advice Needed


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Landscaping Advice Needed

Hi everyone, need some advice on a landscaping project. Hired a well known and reputable landscape architect to redo our backyard. The more progress they make the more concerned I am however. Here are my concerns:

1. The contract specifies 'Grading to prepare for construction'. No grading was done (by any machinery anyways) and workers have been shoveling and shoving stuff around. They did till the grass, but then didn't take it away... everything else they haven't touched.
2. They poured concrete for a new patio with drainage. The drain pipes don't appear to drain well. I poured over 30 gallons into the drains (slowly) as a test before I saw any water come out on the street.
3. The contract specified 'Demolition'. There are 3 old crappy irrigation systems that they are covering up rather than removing. So now I will have 4 irrigation systems (they are installing a new one) buried in my yard. What a nightmare for future work.

There are a lot of other concerns, but these are the biggies. The demo and grading was $7800 (its a big yard), but I didn't see any of that happening and now I fear it's too late. The drainage is also a concern- over time silt and crud will build up and block the pipes because of the constant 20-30 gallons of standing water.

They are also 3 weeks behind schedule.

Am I overreacting? Does this sound like a normal landscaping project? I'm meeting with the architect and the project manager tomorrow, anything specifically I should ask for?

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I've graded by hand before. Did your contract specify that the old sprinkler pipes would be removed? Why are there 3 sets? Was the drain pipe there prior to their work or did they install it? How long is it, about 60'?
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Were there any hindrances to cause them to get behind? weather is the most common reason for exterior work to fall behind schedule..

As noted above, what did the contract spell out about the old sprinkler systems? If it's not in the contract it's not likely it will get done. The longer the drain tile, the more it will take for water to exit.

Did they remove the soil where the patio is? Where the sod was tilled - will the grass/sod be replaced?

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