Bush stump removal

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Bush stump removal


Any idea how to best get rid of this bush stump? I have about 3 just like this I need to somehow rip up. We tried pulling out with a tractor but no luck. They are about 8"-10" wide.

Picture can be found at, https://flic.kr/p/FcdmNJ.
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You need a stump grinder. You can rent them but they are very heavy & you'll need two other guys. There is something called a mini stump grinder but that may not be big enough.
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I've tried with a tractor and front end loader eventually ending up with a monstrous sized hole and still the stump wouldn't come out. It did expose the roots so I could cut them. Then a chain around the stump so the tractor could pull it to the side to cut the roots underneath. It worked but it was slow and made a massive hole and tore up a lot of lawn.

An excavator or backhoe can dig them up. Even a small trackhoe can expose the roots and use the teeth on the bucket to pick at and tear the roots. You still end up with a big hole but much smaller than a front end loader.

Then there is the easy way. A stump grinder.
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Stump grinder, about an hour and all three would be done and no massive hole in the ground.
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Before you rent a stump grinder price having it done. Often it doesn't cost any more to have 2-3 stumps ground than it does to rent the equipment.
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What Mark said. Call some local landscapers and see what they charge. Landscape guys will grind the stumps and be in and out in an hour.
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Your choice of methods depends upon what you want to do with that space after they are removed. If it will be covered with a lawn and you will never be digging in those spots to plant replacements, then the grinder is the way to go. If however you want to plant a garden or build something over those spots, the remaining stump base will either be in the way ot will rot and sink over time.

I use a backhoe, but as stated, the hole will be huge and when filled with dirt it will sink over time. When the area sinks you just add more fill on top, not a big issue.

But a backhoe or excavator will do a number on your lawn, especially if the ground is soft.

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Grinding the stump still leaves the vast majority of the root system - in fact virtually all of it. Some of which may be substantial. Leaving them in the ground to rot overtime will cause a degree of sinking. Rotting wood may also lead to mushroom growth in lawns and planted areas.

Depending upon the intended purpose for the stump removal, it's best to get as much of the sump and root system out as you can. There is no easy solution either way, pulling them out or grinding requires heavy labor by you or someone else.

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