Repairing Dead Grass spots

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Repairing Dead Grass spots

I have a relatively small yard, roughly 9 x 12. There is a lot of dead grass and dirt spots throughout the yard. I am looking to reseed it within the next week or two. What is the quickest, effective and cost efficient method of doing so? It doesn't have to look perfect. I just want to minimize the amount of dirt I have to walk on in the yard. I have been reading articles and watching several YouTube videos on how to spared seed. If some of you have experience with reseeding, maybe you can provide me with some sound advice.
  • After I rake up the remaining dead grass, should I apply the seed first or add a layer of top soil before spreading?
  • How often should I add fertilizer as the seed grows?
  • There are some rocks embedded in preexisted the soil/dirt. How much of a problem is it going to be for me? I have been collecting rocks by hand, but it's a bit arduous to remove all of them.

Also, let me know if you recommend any specific products have can be found at Home Depot or Lowes.

In the pictures, the larger dirt spots are from where I removed stepping stones.

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Had a soil test done yet, need to start there.
Grass does not grow on rocks.
Been on the Scott's web site yet?
It will give you step by step directions.
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Do you know why you have dead spots? Do you have a dog?

There are numerous sites that offer instructions how to plant grass. But, you should move quickly. Fall is the best time to plant followed by early spring. You want the grass to be well established before the heat of summer.

I would only apply topsoil if you have low spots that need filling in. Otherwise light tilling or a thorough raking to loosen the existing soil will do.

A light "starter" fertilizer can be applied when you plant the grass seed. Other than that I would wait till fall for your next application. The last thing you want to do is hit new grass with fertilizer during the hottest part of the year as it can burn or kill the grass and can lead to fungal disease such as brown patch.
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Dane asked my question - why are there dead spots?

A soil test and a core aeration tend to be at the top of my lists in times like this, followed by whatever amendments the soil test indicates and then seed.
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Cultivate to loosen the soil.
Add 1-2 inches of garden soil from your local home center.(contains fertilizer).
Scatter the grass seed evenly.
Press the seed into the garden soil by walking on the entire seeded area or use a roller..
Cover with a layer of wheat straw(helps retain moisture).
Water thoroughly. Keep soil moist by watering every other day.
You should see grass begin to grow in a couple of weeks.
Good luck with your project.

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