Building Pergola, questions about wood


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Building Pergola, questions about wood

We are wanting to build a pergola over our existing patio. The construction is simple enough for us to do the work ourselves. However I have some questions about the size and type of wood to use.

The pergola is going to be roughly 13' wide (rafters) by 10' deep (beams). The plan is to attach a ledger board to the house and use 4"x4" posts to support the front end beams (2 sandwiched around the posts). There would be three pairs (3" spaced) of main beams connecting the ledger to the end beams (one pair sandwiched around each post and one pair in the center. Finally the rafters would be on top of the main beams.

I was originally thinking 2"x6" would would be sufficient, but was wondering if 2"x8" would be better, especially for the end beams (13' span).

Also I've read mixed opinions on treated vs untreated wood. Treated wood has the advantage of being more resistant to the elements, but as a result of the treatment process is heaver and needs time to dry before finishing. Untreated would be nicer looking and some think it would be as resilient to elements if sealed and finished (stain). The 3rd options that is generally considered better would be more durable wood like cedar or redwood. Unfortunately I'm not sure where to look for those (Lowe's and Home Depot only carry the pine (treated and untreated).

Thanks in advance for your feedback.
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The following website shows the general design idea

How to Build a Pergola over a Patio • Ron Hazelton Mobile

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