How much water?


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How much water?

Hello All

I have a patch of grass behind my house that only gets about 2 hours or so of direct sun a day. Does it still require 1 inch of water a week?

I watered today for 5 minutes and it accumulated 1/10th of an inch.

I assume that my other zones that get plenty of direct sun should get an inch of water a week?
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Pay attention to what your grass tells you. It's hard to give a hard rule like 1" of water per week when we don't know where you are located, what type of grass you have, what your soil is like??? If you grass shows signs of stress and is noticeably dry then it probably needs more water. Worst is over watering it can lead to other problems like fungal diseases.

I have a area of highly manicured and pampered tall fescue. Some sections only get a couple hours of direct sun and are in soil that allows the roots to go deep so it does quite well on as little as a 1/4" a week given in one dose. Then 10 feet away is the same grass growing in thin soil with well draining gravel below and it needs a lot more water and it needs it very frequently because there isn't much soil underneath to hold water.
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Grass condition: Fescue is not dry but moderate to heavily weeded.

Soil type: Clay. I am assuming that when my house was built 10 years ago, they just dropped rolls of sod on top of clay. You don't have to dig deep to find it. In fact, I just had sprinklers put in over the weekend and can see quit a bit of clay.

Root Depth: Same as fescue sod rolls that you would buy.

Zones: Zone 1 is on a moderate slope with a lot of sunlight exposure. Zone 2 is flat with very minimal sunlight exposure. Zone 3 is flat with a lot of sunlight exposure.

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