Remove Tree Stump

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Remove Tree Stump

Hello All,

We just cut down a tree and are gifted with this PITA tree stump. We have tried manually removing this thing and got half of the big roots cut until our little chainsaw died (RIP).

I am looking for recommendations on removing this thing on the cheap. The current popular idea is to get a bigger chainsaw.

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#1, Never get that close to the dirt with a chain saw!
The bar and chain can be destroyed in seconds if it comes in contact with the dirt.
Hire someone with a stump grinder, the whole thing will be mulch in a few min.
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Easiest and probably best is to hire a stump removal service. They will come in with a grinder and chew it up into sawdust. Next best is an excavator (track hoe) to dig the stump out. You can also rent a stump grinder but they tend to be smaller machines and for the cost of rental and transporting it you can hire someone to take care of it for you.

Removing a sump is difficult and not best suited for a chainsaw. The dirt rapidly dulls the chain and you've got a surprising number of roots to cut... some you haven't even found yet.
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One more vote for stump grinding!
I'd attack it with an ax before I'd get any of my chainsaws that close to the dirt
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Hi rockin,
A shovel and a hose will expose the roots you need to cut, like that big one you have started on, it needs to be cut much farther away from the main stump.

Dig farther away from the tree and roots and deeper. Then, with the hose you can wash the dirt away from the roots. I agree that a chainsaw is a poor choice as I have found rocks embedded inside trees, especially at ground level.

But, if your soil will drain overnight then you can slowly expose what needs to be cut. Some trees have their roots going out to the sides, some also have a tap root, like a NJ scrub pine each! Yours looks like most of the roots are near ground level.

There are some mean blades for reciprocating saws that would be better for your cutting.

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I'd hire someone to grind it out as well.
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You seem fairly motivated to get it out by yourself. I agree with others about having a chainsaw close to the dirt. I'll do it, only if I can see daylight under the root. Depends on soil, but in my hood, the trees like to gobble up rocks in their root pan, especially near trunk. I would just keep digging around the roots (as far away from trunk as possible) until I can see daylight, hose it down, so you have a clean root, then chainsaw it.
Dirt will dull a chainsaw in a second, so be prepared to resharpen, and you might roast a chainsaw blade in the process. Keeping the blade sharp matters...
A chisel chain makes a world of difference for root cutting...only recommended for seasoned chainsawers...higher kickback probability.

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