Rocks over underground drip tubing


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Rocks over underground drip tubing

There is a large bed in the front of my new house with very old mulch. I'd like to remove the old mulch and replace it with egg rocks. I can do that but this area has the drip tubing irrigation which is mostly underground but some of it is just sitting on top of the mulch. I think what I would do is dig deep enough to bury all of the tubing completely but I'm worried if I just lay a ton of rocks on top of it then it will crush the tubing and create a bigger problem for me by making a leak. What is the advisable thing to do here?
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A simple way to keep the tubing functional would be to put a piece of PVC or similar pipe under the rock beck and re-route the drip tube irrigation through that pipe. Bury that pipe under whatever you want. you can even repair/replace the drip lines without digging up the rock bed.

- Peter
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I wouldn't be as worried about the weight of the rock harming the tubing as I would be from someone walking on top of the rocks on top of the tubing. If you could keep the tubing up high in the rocks you'd probably be ok.
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This type of irrigation is common out here, 1/2" tube and 1/4" tube coming off to the micro sprinklers. I wouldn't be concerned with either size tube crushing under the weight of stone.
You would have to try to kink or damage the tube, like jumping on it or striking it with a shovel.

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