Showing off a little...


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Showing off a little...

...if this isn't the appropriate place for this, go ahead and remove/move as necessary.

I just wanted to show off the progress of my little lawn rejuvenation that I've been working on this season so far:

The backyard still isn't much to look at but I just got results back from a soil test. I know what I need to do now to get that in better shape so I'll be proceeding with the recommendations later on in the summer.

I'm fairly pleased with my front lawn though. There are some spots where weeds are popping up, but I'm addressing those now as well and hope to get that under control. Ideally I'd love to see grass all throughout my property and I know it's gonna take some work still.

I bought this house in 2013...and in 2014, the HOA dinged me for having an "unsightly lawn." Albeit, they performed their inspections of the neighborhood in early May...we had just come out of a fairly nasty winter so there still hadn't been much growth of grass even by that point of the year. The notices were received in July and the grass had grown back in by then but I still had some bare spots. I started taking action then to groom out the lawn some. In Spring 2015 I just planted some seed in some bare spots...but this year I went all out.

Kinda funny...20+ years ago, living at home, I never would've thought I'd be so concerned with caring for a lawn...I despised mowing mom and dad's lawn!! LOL. Now that I've got my own (rather small) property to care for...perspective changes.
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Nice! Do you hire out?

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Yeah, sorry, this little patch of grass is keeping me busy enough... Now I'm just in the "maintenance" phase and trying to get weeds out at this point. Later in the summer and then mid-fall I'll be doing a round of fertilizer per the soil analysis I received and go from there.
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Looks great!

What's the blue/green stuff you put down?

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