Try and kill clover or not?


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Try and kill clover or not?

I have a fair amount of large patches of clover this year. Not sure if I did my weed and feed at the wrong time, or whatever, but there's lots of clover.

If I try and spot spray (or maybe spray whole yard with weed b gone) to kill it off, might I be left with large dead patches in the lawn? Or should grass come back without a problem (the clover is appearing in what is normally good grass, not dead patches).

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I prefer to leave the clover as it brings nutrients to the soil. Has the clover crowded out the grass or do you see plenty of grass growing amongst it?
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I see you live in Connecticut so the best time to seed bare spots is late Summer - assuming you have leaves to deal with in Autumn. That being the case, I see no urgency to removing clover now. In fact, doing so creates the risk weeds could take hold before you have an opportunity to reseed.

My suggestion is to do nothing now but eliminate the weeds and overseed later.
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I think the question is more about whether to remove the clover, than when - most weed and feed products take it out pretty easily. As Mark mentioned, though, many desire clover in their lawns because it fixes nitrogen to the soil.

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