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Should I have gone with spray instead of rotator spray nozzles?

Should I have gone with spray instead of rotator spray nozzles?


Old 06-09-16, 04:50 PM
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Should I have gone with spray instead of rotator spray nozzles?

I'm currently trying to tune/fix the irrigation system at my mothers home. It came installed with the house and during the last couple years, and her various "gardeners" have messed with the system as things needed to be tuned or fixed. After seeing the poor performance/water loss/dry spots, I decided to tune/fix the system to save water and maximize the watering of the lawn and landscape (I'm in So Cal so every drop counts).

I just replaced all the spray heads with the RD units rated at 30PSI. I've gone through in in the 13-17' lengths I've used the RainBird R-VAN Rotary Nozzles. for areas that around 8 to 12, I've put in the Hunter MP800SR90's. When I run these zones everything gets watered, and there is no run off as I saw before. Plus it looks really cool!!

In talking to my neighbor, he is using the HE-VAN units in his yard. In looking that the specs, I see that those units have low GPM but with much more Precip in/hr with spray distances that I have.

Did I make the wrong choice with going rotor as it will take longer running time in order to lay down the precip rates form the HE-VAN heads?

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Old 06-09-16, 05:01 PM
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It all depends on your yard. So... without knowing anything about what you're trying to water we really can't help.

I have a tiny area of highly manicured and irrigated lawn and I've tried both of the emitters you mention. My lawn's very irregular shape and small size were no match for the rotaries. While their large droplet size was good for avoiding evaporation they are not as tunable as the spray nozzles. I can get spray nozzles adjusted "perfectly" but it's a precious thing as mineral buildup or fine sediment that makes it through the filter screens affects their spray patterns. So... it all comes back to what you are trying to irrigate.
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Thanks for your reply Pilot Dane.

I'm trying to water my lawn (no bushes or anything) thats a mixture of bermuda and other grasses.

To give you an idea. Think of it like 2 rectangles with a curve at one corner that connects both of them. Think of an "L" where the corner of the L is curved. It is separated into 2 zones. Where one zone makes up on rectangle and the other zone is the curve and rectangle.The depth of the rectangles re 13ish feet with the rectangles where it gets about 17' from the round part at the "rounded corner" to the inside. The nozzles are about 9' apart tho. So I think I'm ok as I get good coverage.

Maybe I should replace the spray heads with pressure regulated and sealed bottoms to maximize the savings. Maybe with the constant pressures I'll get the proper water usage to help.

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