Yet another "What is this grass/weed" thread


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Yet another "What is this grass/weed" thread

I'm wondering if anyone can help me identify the type of grass or weed in this picture:

Grass/weed picture
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It's the one I'm holding in the picture. I live in central Maryland and over the past few summers, I've seen this grass practically overtake my front lawn right around July and stay resident through early fall. It then stays dormant throughout the fall, winter, and spring and comes back in mid-summer.

This year it isn't too bad so far. I thought by me reseeding my entire front yard this spring that I wouldn't have to contend with this particular breed, but alas, it has returned. The neighbors' yards (I live in a townhouse) are being even more overrun by this grass than I am.

I don't believe it to be crabgrass as I know that's a completely different monster, but I could be wrong. Just wondering what it is and then how to remedy it. There is no evidence of this particular grass in my backyard.


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Are the stalks segmented below the leaves? It could be Johnson grass, which is less desirable than Kentucky 31 fescue by a large margin Your local county extension service could possibly give a more locally detailed identification. Do you apply lime each winter, say about February? It usually takes care of weeds and acid loving thingys.
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It looks like what I have in my yard which I've been led to believe is johnson grass. In my case since I have poor soil I let it grow .... anything green is better than bare ground
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anything green is better than bare ground
I agree. "Green is good."
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We have something around here we call Bunch Grass, though I don't know what it actually is. Because it's a grass, weed killer won't touch it so we pour RoundUp into a cup and 'paint' the leaves of this stuff with a small paint brush. Tedious if you have a lot but a lot becomes a little in a short time.
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Sorry for the late check-in; I'm just getting home from a little vacation.

Thanks for the responses...after researching the suggestions here, it seems to match up mostly with the description for Johnsongrass. And yes, it certainly is less desirable than our native fescue here...the more it comes in, the thicker it gets, and it's a bit tough on the mower. Really clumps up and just causes more trouble.

I didn't do a lime application on the front yard this year as I didn't think it was necessary after doing one last year. As I stated in the original post, I basically renovated the front lawn back in the spring by thatching, putting down a layer of topsoil, and then seeding all that. It came in real nice throughout the spring (thanks to nearly 4 weeks straight of rain in April/May) but now that summer has set in, most of the newer grass has gone dormant and this Johnsongrass is starting to come in again.

I'll let it run it's course this year but next year I'll get some more lime down and see how it goes then. I'm also planning to fertilize the backyard with some high-nitrogen fertilizer (as directed by a soil test).

Thanks again.

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