What type of seed to use: 2 part question


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What type of seed to use: 2 part question

The first part of my question is to ask which type of grass seed (rye, fescue or kentucky bluegrass, or something else entirely) is the greenest?

My front lawn was mostly redone from scratch when I moved to my house about 4 years ago. Lawn care company sprayed to kill everything and then reseeded with Lesco Sun and Shade, which I believe is a somewhat even mix of fescue, rye and kentucky.

The lawn looks pretty good and is fairly green (though not a real dark green). When I drive/walk around my neighborhood, I see some lawns that are a real, true, dark green. The blades appear to be a bit thicker, but not super thick.

So I'd like to know (without asking them as I've never bumped into any of them to ask, not that they'd necessarily know) what type of grass they are using (or at least what you guys think might be giving that really dark green color). I don't think it's a 'chemical' green (i.e. lots of iron or whatever), as all of these lawns appear to have the same type of grass blade (so it really appears to be the type of grass determining the color).

My next question is (if I figure out which type of grass this is); is it 'ok' to just use this one type of seed, in my currently 'blended' yard (when I seed and aerate each fall), to try and get it a bit darker? Or will this cause the one type to 'stand out' too much, and it might look funny?

Thanks for your thoughts!
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IMO, darker is not usually due to a different type of grass but a different health of the grass. My old man has the darkest grass in his neighborhood and I believe it's because he fertilizes every few weeks, never lets it dry out and mows it fairly long.
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This link will take you to the turf identifier on the Scotts website. Enter your zip code and it will show you pictures and descriptions of grasses common in your area. You can also look at the descriptions to see if there is a variety you'd like to try.
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Grass Color

A high nitrogen fertilizer and water will make your grass green.
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