How can I effectively get rid of Milkweed?


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How can I effectively get rid of Milkweed?

I live in the High Desert in SoCal and my lawn is all Bermuda grass. Because of the drought situation, it appears that the Milkweed has almost taken over my lawn. All the Weed & Feed fertilizers I've checked never show Milkweed in their listings of weeds that their product will eliminate. What can I use to only kill the Milkweed and not harm what little grass I have left?
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If it's the same sort of milkweed we have here, just pull it. If you feel like you have too much to pull and need to spray it, Bonide Chickweed, Clover & Oxalis Killer (or similar) will take care of it. But as with most sprays, you need to spray before the plant is mature. Mature plants are harder to kill when you want to use a selective herbicide.

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