Too late to overseed my lawn?


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Too late to overseed my lawn?

Located in southern California. Would it be too late to start overseed my back yard? It's to my understanding, that you should start early fall. Also, would like to start a new front lawn soon too. Should I just wait until spring to start my front lawn?
Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Welcome to the forums.

What type of grass do you have? Warm season grasses are typically best seeded in spring.
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The answer comes down to the growing season in your area and I'm not familiar with that. At some point grasses in most areas go dormant and when that happens grass stops growing, new or old.
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it may be there like it is in northeast which is that if you plant in early Fall you give the grass the cool time of fall and spring time to develop roots before it becomes the hot summer months and thus they will have a greater chance of surviving vs if planted in spring. But if you have sprinklers and plant is spring should be ok, but in northeast, most weeds start in spring also so if you open up the soil to plant grass in spring, you are enabiling more weeds to grow. But they may have a seed safe starter fertilizer that allows the grass to grow but not the weeds in spring time. They usually last about 6 weeks and then you should put a regular full strength preemergent about weeks after the new grass becomes 4" so the full strength preemergnet stops new weeds from taking over the lawn before it gets a chance to fill in.

I would wait almost a full year. But you can try in spring and then a follow up overseeding in fall.
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I disagree with gunner - since the OP is in southern California, it is reasonable to assume (since no other information was provided) that we are dealing with warm season grasses and not at all like in the northeast. Warm season grasses are best seeded and overseeded in the spring, not the fall.
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Kentucky Bluegrass.... It has a nice colour, texture, and density and can be easily established from seed, forming one of the highest quality lawns.
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Kentucky bluegrass in southern California?


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