Drip line system leaks at spigot


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Drip line system leaks at spigot

Having a hard time here.

The order of attachments are
1. Spigot
2. Y-valve
3. Backflow preventer (leak starts with this attachment).
4. Timer
5. PVC piece to step down from 3/4" to 1/2". There is a bushing in there on its way to 1/2" - I used hot glue to seal secure it. (may be a leak there).
6. T-piece that screws into the bushing
7. Leaks on the drip line. The T piece has those ribs, but they leaked horribly. The drip line material is .63 rainbird stuff, the T is also rainbird. Leaks coming left and right out of the T. I hot glued it also, to no avail.

I'm beating my head here. Lots of drips coming out. How should I arrange this?

I've tried plumbers tape too, but no luck there, still leaking.

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Did you use PVC glue?......................
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Hot glue? Really?

Try putting hose clamps around the leaking barbed hose fittings. In most water systems two hose clamps installed in opposite directions are used on barbed fittings. If the leaking does not stop I would cut back the pipe to get to fresh pipe and use a new fitting. Your hot glue may have hardened, even in some small area, before you could make the pipe connection. The hardened glue can prevent it from properly sealing. So, by starting over with a new fitting and clean pipe you have a much better chance of it sealing.
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Yes, used pvc hot glue, same blue stuff I used to stuff the bushing in.

Sounds like hot glue was not to be used? I thought these things connected without any help, so I tried the glue.

You got a picture or link of what I'm suppose to strap it in with? Should I cut, try again, and use straps with hot glue?
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It's a barbed hose fitting. You push the pipe over the barbed fitting and put on one or two hose clamps. Just ask for hose clamps.

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I'm quite sure that Inindo used Christy's Red Hot Glue. http://tchristy.com/sds/solvent-ceme...mers-cleaners/

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