Lawn repair help


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Lawn repair help

I bought a home in June last year. Lawn is horrible. I was hoping to get someone to post a step by step repair manual for me. I have moss in the front yard. There are Oak trees lining the street that I live on. It doesn't get a lot of sunlight. I did go to lowes today and bought moss-out. It's the pellet kind. I plan on spreading that tomorrow. I will then rake the lawn after it dies off which I heard doesn't take long. I also bought lime pellets that I will put down after my dad comes down to thatch the lawn and aerate it. I want to overseed it and fertilize it as well. There won't be much grass left after I get rid of the moss.
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Before you add stuff to the ground (lime is probably good), get an analysis from your local extension office telling them that you want a lawn. They can recommend treatments as to fertilizer, etc that should be used for a healthy lawn.
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I agree with getting an analysis. I like my home state, Michigan, but doubt that we're that unique, and a lot of of our local nurseries and mills offer free analysis' this time of the year. Locally, in the little towns east and west of me, it's the flower ladies clubs that provide the service, working with their respective mills, and, along with proving the address to mail samples to the university that will evaluate and offer recommendations, they have a number of master gardeners on site, who are local, so they know your climate, etc., and who can provide a lot of advice specific to your region.
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Originally Posted by diyplank
". . . I was hoping to get someone to post a step by step repair manual for me . . ."
I think someone has done that a couple times every summer if you do a quick search of past threads.
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Post a picture of your lawn or describe it in more detail. Moss doesn't grow out in the open so you likely have a shaded, wet lawn.
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My back yard is basically just a strip of ground between the house and the fence. I doubt it ever sees sunlight. Grass won't grow there [I've tried both seed and sod] but moss does. As PD said your yard in it's current condition might not support grass. Knowing more about your soil composition will be helpful. Trimming the trees some might also be needed.
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Some people like moss, and intentionally grow it as a low-maintenance substitute for grass:

It's usually a case of "if you can't beat them, then join them !"


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Oak trees and shade are a poor environment for growing grass. I agree with starting with a soil test.

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