Q: Raising a sprinkler head (or two)


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Q: Raising a sprinkler head (or two)

I need to make one, more likely two, sprinkler heads about a foot higher.

Assuming I haven't mixed the pictures up, this is the first one, with a metal riser
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the second one is plastic:
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What do I need to get and do? Are they replaced at the T (where the riser attaches to the underground pipe) or can the riser be extended where the nozzle is?

The two heads are within beds; I'm putting in some raised beds that'll have strawberries and a few other things, and need to raise the heads over the bed walls--the beds just happen to be right next to where the heads are, so the sprinklers won't clear the 8" walls unless I raise them.
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Risers are sort of like really long pipe nipples. A long piece of pipe with threads on the end. So your vertical riser is screwed into the T that is underground. You can either replace the whole riser or screw another section onto the top. Just make sure you know what size pipe you have. 1/2" is the most common on residential sprinklers. There are pre-made riser extensions that have both female and male ends or you can make up your own from pipe and fittings.
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they come in M x F or M x M, can be solid or cut off style.

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Thanks. Do I have to buy both plastic and metal risers, or does that depend on whether I replace the whole thing? (rather than extend them)
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You can use either plastic or medal. Personally I would go with plastic unless it is going to be in a place that could be hit with something.

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