Landscaping - row of trees


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Landscaping - row of trees

We have about 400 ft of road front in our front yard. We would like to line that area with some type or types of trees. Looking for suggestions. We have a few pine trees but would like some variation and some design ideas. We are having a hard time designing this. Thanks.
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Since your profile is not complete we don't know where you are located, and since lawn and garden advice is territorial, we would have a difficult time advising you.

Some people find that lining a street with cedars is nice. The only thing with cedars is they grow to 8' radius, meaning you will have a 16' wide tree at some point. They plant them too close and they crowd each other out and die. Given the right spacing and time, cedars will make a nice hedgerow of trees. Likewise remember the right of way and keep them back away from the road to the width of the tree. You don't want the county coming along with an articulating bushhog and cutting your tree growth out on their side. Planting them 20' apart appears skimpy, but at full growth, they will take up that much space.
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Pine's are nice, inexpensive for smaller sizes, put in 25 2-3' on the property for $20 each, 7 years later they are all 6' growing a foot per year.
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I'd be very attentive to the pH of the soils surrounding these trees if you choose to plant evergreens, because they expect an acidic soil, and will create it while your lawn will want a more alkaline or neutral soil.

If you want a lush lawn beneath the trees that line your road, you may choose a species that will flourish in soils similar to that of the lawn.

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A local nursery will have extensive experience with what grows well in your area and they will probably be able to help with the design phase, that is their business. Since they will also guarantee their trees they will be sure to suggest the proper varieties.

Hope you have a good nursety like we have locally.

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x2 on post#5..... What is the purpose ? Screen out visuals...screen out road traffic noise...or what ?
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We are in New York. The purpose of the row of Trees is to create a barrier between our house and the road but does not have to be a complete barrier. Any help on design would he appreciated. We are debating between doing staggered trees all the way down or doing clusters of Trees to make it look more natural.
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Can you give us an overhead view? Difficult to propose anything without knowing the landscaping. I like tree lined driveways or a pond/fountain out in the middle of that lawn to provide a center to build around.

If you have any slope then a terrace of large rocks can look nice.
Here is some eye candy to look at.


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