When is the best time or way to reseed my lawn?


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When is the best time or way to reseed my lawn?

I have lots of weeds on my lawn. I've used Ortho Weed-b-Gone and Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer and now most of my lawn looks brown and dead. My question is, when do I start reseed my lawn? Do I wait until all weeds are completely dead? Right now the stem of the weeds has fallen and frail but not completely dead and dry yet.
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Did you check the package label? Most products will list when it is OK to reseed.
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No, I didn't but I don't think there is any information regarding when it's okay to reseed.
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I'd wager that it varies a bit depending upon your concentration.

I have one Weed-B-Gon Label that says wait 7 days and another that reads 10.

A Round-Up Label reads that you should wait a week.

Most Profession Lawn Care Specialists that I've read are conservative and don't rush it; suggesting a wait of about a month, or until after the herbicide has completely dissipated from the soil . . . . who wants to be sued for causing anyone wasted effort of rendering expensive grass seed worthless ?

Americans are an impatient bunch, and when they decide to perform a task, they want to do it . . . . all in the same day, if possible.
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Specifically which Weed-B-Gone product did you use? Weed-B-Gone is a broad brand name and doesn't tell use what active chemicals it has. Some of their products will allow starting your lawn sooner than others.

The Compare-N-Save is just glyphosate which is only effective when it contacts the green growing part of a plant. When it contacts soil it almost immediately binds with clays in the soil and becomes ineffective. It doesn't go away or break down but it's ineffective when it's not on the green leafy bits. So, that product poses no problem to re-starting your lawn.

I would say you are late for nuking your lawn and seeding so I would get started now. The ideal time would have been in the late summer or fall. Second best time would have been March or early April. You want to the roots as deep and established as you can before the heat of summer kicks in.
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