Grass 'roots' turning a bit yellow?


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Grass 'roots' turning a bit yellow?

My lawn overall is pretty good, and fairly green (I'd like it to be darker green but it's never been that way).

I just noticed today (and I don't know if this is how it's always been or not), but the base of my grass (where it almost enters the soil) is kind of yellow.

I don't have a pic yet as I didn't have my phone out with me as I was just mowing, but I'll post one soon.

Basically, after I mowed I was using the leaf blower to get rid of some clumps of grass, and I was able to really see all the way down and it kind of looked like this (just something I found online):
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You can see the yellow-ish white-ish part at the bottom. Is that normal or should the entire blade be green, all the way to the bottom where it enters the soil?

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