Best type of garden hose


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Best type of garden hose

I have had the same garden hose for 20 years. It's rubber, that is probably why it has lasted so long. I am getting really frustrated with having to remove the kinks in it all the time so I am thinking of getting something that doesn't kink. Are there better types of garden hoses that will not kink but still have durability. Or is rubber still better than the rest
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Good luck finding the same quality. The hoses that contract/shrivel aren't bad if you don't pull them too hard while using them.
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I dont think there is such thing as kink proof hose but I also have some older heavy duty rubber hoses that are not too bad.

I find if you loop it large and splay it out as you walk it's much better than just dropping it on the ground like my kids do, drives me nuts.

My Mom has a cheap plastic hose, I hate that thing with a passion but it's a lot lighter for her.

Never tried those collapsing hoses, figured they were just a gimmick!
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I don't know anyone that's bought those collapsing hoses and was satisfied. A boy down the road bought one at Walmart, after the 3rd one failed he got his money back. My wife don't listen and bought one for her son - it lasted a few months.

I have 2 lifetime hoses; a craftsman and a swan - both kink I prefer the craftsman, it's rubber.
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Many hose manufacturers make different quality hoses and as you'd expect the better ones cost more. I almost never see the best quality hoses at big home centers as I think they are targeting a mass group and not those wanting the best and willing to pay for it. The professional grade hoses are very difficult to kink but they still can kink if you try hard enough.
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In 1972, I bought a heavy ¾" 75' long green rubber hose. I didn't know anything about hoses, and this tiny independent hardware store Owner told me it was the best hose I would ever buy . . . . of course, it was the only one he had for sale, and I think I paid a decent price for it for the time - maybe $10.00 ?

45 years later, we still have that hose, and it has never kinked. We've never left it out in the sun to absorb UV light, or deal with the expansion of pressurized cold water on a steaming hot driveway.

It has been put to quite a bit of use every summer, and we didn't always purge the water out of it before winter freezing conditions set in. We did wear out the solid brass nipple and hose coupling ends and had to replace those; but otherwise, it's still like new, except for a few superficial scratches in the surface rubber.

I guess that old hardware store Owner was telling me the truth. Too bad there isn't a place on a hose for its manufacturer to take credit for his product . . . . as I'd recommend it by name.
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I almost never see the best quality hoses at big home centers as I think they are targeting a mass group and not those wanting the best and willing to pay for it
Sorry dont want to get off subject but you have clearly stated what I keep telling everybody when their "it was on sale piece of krap" from HDLM (Home Depot, Lowes, Menards) paint, fan, tool, appliance, whatever doesn't live up to their expectations and start asking how to resolve when a few more dollars, maybe a lot in some cases, would provide a satisfactory result.

I find myself rarely buying anything from these places that is beyond the most basic commodity. Even then you have to watch, they stock cheap China made nuts, bolts, plumbing fittings etc, just drives me nuts (no pun intended)!

My favorite saying, cheap can be expensive!
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I can only speak on my past experiences, but I've had several plastic hoses over the years. A year or so ago, my wife bought one of those collapsible hoses & we loved it. She bought another for the front of the house & after a year, no problems & has been a great product. At this point, after a year, if needed, we will buy another.

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