Yard concerns: Loose soil/Erosion


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Yard concerns: Loose soil/Erosion

The backyard and sides of my house are in dire need of improvement. There are areas of erosion that are highly concerning to me.

This is the area of my backyard that has eroded:

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These are the sides of my house that concern me:

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My house sits on a slop going downward into the backyard. I need to find the best approach to alleviating the issues and ultimately saving my house from serious foundation damage.

My plan is to build garden beds down the side of my house with a lot of mulch or river rocks. In the backyard adding a retention wall and mulch.

Do these sound like good approaches? I would like to hear opinions from knowledgable landscapers or anyone who has experienced a similar scenario.

Thank you!
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Welcome to the forums!

That sounds like a decent plan. To stop/slow erosion you need to either slow down the water movement or provide enough root structure so the water runs over top without dislodging the soil.

Is there anything that is concentrating the water to that area?
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Thanks! So perhaps it would be a good idea to put bushes and other plants in?

The water concentration could be due to the gutters. The gutters in the backyard were leading right into the hill that has eroded. I bought a couple corrugated drain tubes and extended the gutters so it brings the water into the very back of the yard. I am contemplating on burying the pipes but I do not want to damage my property further.
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No more than we can see of your yard it's kind of hard to tell how well plants will grow in that space but anything with roots should help [nothing big enough to undermine the foundation] Shouldn't be any issues with burying the drain pipe - where will it exit?

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