Plant Bermuda in Fescue Lawn?


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Plant Bermuda in Fescue Lawn?

I have a small area of highly pampered Fescue. 90% of the Fescue is doing very well but the grass bordering the concrete driveway and concrete paver patio dies out every summer in July & August. The area is irrigated and it's been tested by the state agricultural lab for disease and the only conclusion is that it's probably just too hot in those trouble areas for Fescue.

Should I consider planting a more heat tolerant grass like Bermuda Grass in the trouble areas? It would be more heat tolerant but if it starts to take over or spread it will be difficult to control or get rid of.
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When you say fescue, do you mean tall fescue? If so, it's known for not mixing well with other grass types, often creating weed-like clumps.

In other words, I think I'd be more likely to let the bermuda take over rather than trying to maintain both.
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If you haven't made your decision as to plant Bermuda with your Fescue, I would think twice about doing so. Our lawn is mostly tall fescue. I am constantly on the lookout for Bermuda the creeps over from the lawn next to ours. At some point in its growth, the weed Bermuda in central Virginia is a bluish green and at another point, it is a grayish green. Getting rid of it is impossible unless you dig out the "thick underground stems that look like a fat root or RHIZOMES." A very informative site is Garden Counselor Lawn Care and site search "Common Bermuda Grass." The quoted material above came from this site. Hope it helps.
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I have spoken with others in my area and the consensus seems to be NOT to plant Bermuda. Everyone fears that once it's planted it may take over at least patches and would be difficult to control. So, no Bermuda for me.

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