Fixing dead patch of Bermuda grass


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Question Fixing dead patch of Bermuda grass

See that dead patch of Bermuda Grass in my yard? That's a low spot where water tends to pool whenever we get a good rain.

What do you think of this plan? I was going to give the soil a little till with a metal rake, dump out a few bags of topsoil, then tamp it down to get the ground even. Hoping that would be enough to encourage the Bermuda to start growing in the area again.

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Maybe add a little top soil to raise the low area up.
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I was thinking to dig up a little soil, replace it with sand to encourage draining and then put the soil back down to eliminate the low spot. Similar to Pete's thought.
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If you've got a low area I would fill it in otherwise you'll always have water collecting there. I wouldn't bother compacting the soil as it will settle naturally over time and loose, fluffy soil is better for getting the new grass established.

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