Is Pelletized lime safe?


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Is Pelletized lime safe?

I spread it with shorts on, but I did wear a dust mask which I thought I didn't really need.
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Pelletized lime is quite safe for both you and your lawn. Most are slow acting so even if you spill a pile on the lawn it doesn't burn the grass as fast acting lime would. I'm sure the state of California has determined that lime is somehow hazardous to your health but in general it's pretty benign. If you got a huge cloud of dust in your eyes it would be annoying and maybe irritating but I've had no reaction even when I'm covered in dust and look like a ghost.
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I think a lot of people confuse Lime (calcium carbonate) with Lye (sodium hydroxide..

It's unfortunate that they have such similar common names . . . . but they have quite different chemical properties.

Lye is the one that's extremely caustic.
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Ok good news. Thank you guys
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Most over the counter dietary calcium supplements are calcium carbonate.

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