name brand vs generic fertilizer / weed n feed

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name brand vs generic fertilizer / weed n feed

Thought this might be a sticky FAQ, but it's not.
Given that the chemicals & fertilizer amounts are the same is there any difference between a name brand (e.g. Scotts) weed 'n feed or fertilizer and a lesser known/house/generic brand that costs as much as $10-$15 (for 15K sq ft coverage) less than a name brand? I tend to think there isn't but thought I'd ask.

2. are the settings on the package generally accurate? I set it to the recommended opening and wind up getting ~20% less coverage than what's stated.
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I don't know it for a fact but I always thought that if the numbers are the same - the fertilizer is the same. I suppose the name brand fertilizers might have better quality control.
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As I'm told by the Scott's people and how we should sell the Scott's product when asked this same question. The mixture of chemicals in Scott's is homogeneous within each granular unit. As opposed to perhaps the Gro-Green brand that the granules of each chemical are separate grains and are just mixed in the bag. This can then cause any specific chemical to be unevenly distributed thorough out the lawn.
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And you would expect Scott's to state anything different.

Fertilizer is fertilizer as long as the ratios are the same, your grass wont know or care!!
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Can't comment on the quality of the product but I never seem to get the listed coverage either. It has to be inaccuracies in the spreader.
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I have used Scotts products in the past and they do work. They are also very expensive. There is nothing special about their chemicals. It's all regulated so any chemical Scotts sells for lawn use is available under numerous other brand names and packaging.

If you lawn is small go ahead and get Scotts. It's easy and you don't have to think too much. That's one of the cornerstones of their marketing. If you have a larger lawn and/or want to save some money then don't hesitate to try other brands. You may also find a benefit in going away from all in one packaging as the optimal time for fertilizing can be different than the best time for herbicides.

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