Lawn: environmentally safe products


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Lawn: environmentally safe products

Now that the winter seems to finally be over I am very interested in working on my lawn, which is about 100' x 150'. In previous years I used weed & feed from popular manufacturers. I would now like to use something or do something that will not harm animals or birds. Can someone please give me some suggestions? I live in southeast Pa. Thank you.

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Products that are liquid (garden hose application) are probably safer to use for the simple fact that granulars could possibly be mistaken for seeds. Cant say ive ever witnessed birds eating the granular products bit I suppose they could.
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To some extent fertilizer is fertilizer.

I find that how the material is applied is the most green.

Leaving fertilizer on the driveway and road where it can be washed into drains is bad, If kept on the yard, well that is where it is intended.

My in laws were really big into "natural" a few years ago and they bought bags of chicken crap for the yard. Took my father in law days to spread it, had so much rocks/feathers/solids it would not go through the spreader.

Neadless to say they didnt repeat!!

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