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Is there any sense in homeowner buying excavating equipment?

Is there any sense in homeowner buying excavating equipment?


Old 06-12-18, 08:08 PM
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Most cases the ROPS can fold down, but that one sold.

That Bobcat is in clean shape but is $3K more then the Gehl. IMO 3500hrs is not too crazy of a diesel powered skid steer. It might be worth a look over to see how it runs and if it has any leaks. Just remember, you plan to sell it when your done.

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Old 06-13-18, 12:46 AM
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That video just confirms the differences between a skid and a compact with loader.

No way could I keep up with my 2210 digging that deep and moving that much dirt.

It will do it but much slower pace!
Old 06-14-18, 04:16 AM
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The other Guy

One thing that is not addressed, a small articulated front end loader, I know they do not have the crazy turning radius of a skid steer, I have watched these things in action and they don't generally have the tipping problems of skid steers and the range of sizes is nothing short of amazing, everyone does not need zero turn, if you have the room a small front end loader or tool carrier is a very capable machine, the only problem seems to be, they are not as common .
Old 06-28-18, 02:12 PM
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I went to take a look at a 2013 Bobcat compact tractor. Trying to decide if the negatives are tolerable, as there were some issues. The tractor only has < 600 hours and looks fine. It's obviously been used and has some scuffs and other normal signs of use. Some things are more concerning:
  • The tractor has been kept outside for quite some time. The plastic shows it and the lights don't work.
  • One front tire has a leak. Seems like the valve stem which is easy enough to fix.
  • The hydraulic oil dipstick didn't even show any oil so it's been low.
  • The engine oil filter was changed 4 years and 400 hours ago. The seller claims to have changed the oil since then, but obviously not the filter. I forgot to take a look at the air filter but assume the same neglect applies.
  • The high/low lever had snapped and I wasn't able to test moving it. Same with the 4x4 lever. Told the guy to fix those.
  • Engine compartment was covered in dust, like a thick layer not just a dusting. You'll see it in one of the pictures.
  • Tiny bit of creep backwards. Actually it's more of a pulsating movement where it stops, then jerks a tiny bit backward, then stops again. Maybe just needs the foot pedal linkage adjusted?

So, lots of lack of servicing and maintenance. Operating it I didn't notice any severe issues. No leaks. Bucket works, both PTOs work and disengage, engine sounds good. Hydraulics worked fine as well.

So, I'm trying to get some perspective for this. Is the machine new enough that the neglect hasn't caused too much damage? Or is the owner's attitude enough to stay away? Appreciate if you have any insight. Guy's not going below $8500. Below are some pics:
Attached Images           
Old 06-28-18, 02:33 PM
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I would have thought that you'd need a BackHoe Attachment for your Project ?
Old 06-28-18, 02:56 PM
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probably has a leak somewhere with the hydraulic fluid being low would probably say with its problems and being a south Korean tractor probably way more than what I would want to pay for it would probably keep looking.
Old 06-28-18, 04:48 PM
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The broken hi/low and 4wd levers is concerning especially since you mention the jerking when stopped and low hydro oil. You don't want to get involved with problems inside the transmission/hydrostat.
Old 06-29-18, 05:18 AM
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It;s clear it has not been shown a lot of love in it;s short life. My tractor has 400 hours and you could eat off the engine but then I keep up on the maintenance and keep it inside,

There are enough little bells going off that if me, I.d probably just keep looking for cleaner tractor, they are out there!


Nice little Kabota, $8200, got to think about resell, all thoes issues will be concerns for next buyer!

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