Uneven Retaining Wall

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Uneven Retaining Wall


I build a retaining wall, and used a level to ensure that the baseline brick was gorunded even with the gravel.

I glued the third brick base to the second, and have already glued the toppers with construction adhesive.

The retaining wall is elevated higher on the left side and if you view the image below, you can see the slope from left to right.


I'm not sure how to fix this now that I've glued this up. Any suggestions?

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Appears that the footing, whatever was installed, was not level and the wall is running down hill.

Hate to say there is no fix, the wall needs to be dismantled and the base leveled across the entire length of the house and then the blocks reinstalled.

A small trench should be dug with 6" of gravel installed and compacted for a good footing.
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The gravel used for baseline in not parallel to the house's foundation.
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Just simple improper work. The base was not level. When building a retaining wall problems don't work themselves out as you go up. They tend to get worse so it's especially important to make sure that you get the footer proper before laying the first row of block.

Also, those are not proper retaining wall blocks. They are often sold by home centers as an easy do it yourself project but they just aren't up to the task. Depending on where you are located freeze thaw cycling in winter can rather quickly break the glue joint between blocks. Your wall is low enough that you should be able to shove them back in line if any get out of place though.
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First thing I would do is throw your "level" away. Then get a long one that is accurate. Then dismantle your wall. Might come apart if you use a rotary hammer and long sds chisel, might not.
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The adhesive comes apart relatively easy but it takes some work scraping it off the blocks.

You need to remove from the blocks so when re installing you are working with a flat surface and not the clumps of glue on the blocks.

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