Help with lawn infestation

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Help with lawn infestation

I'd appreciate some assistance in identifying and treating my lawn infestation problem. I'm concerned because it seemed to crop up and kill the grass in a few days. I've attached 3 photos showing the problem from the distance, closer and closer still.

The infested area is approx. 4'X4', almost round. The grass is dead and very dry. I can easily pull up the grass but don't seem to be getting the roots.

I assume it's either a fungus or bugs, but I can't tell which. No insects are visible.

Thoughts, please.
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Where in the US are you located? What has been the weather for the past couple weeks? Have you fertilized your lawn this spring? Have you done any spraying of herbicides or have you worked on a vehicle on the lawn?

Pictures of dead grass don't help. Look very closely at the grass in the transition zone at the edge of the problem area where the grass is still living but showing signs of the problem. You want to look for spots on the grass, any slimy or hair like growth. Also note what color the spots are.

There are many fungus affect lawns. Most thrive in wet conditions like have been common in the east the past couple weeks. Fertilizing with high nitrogen fertilizer also promotes fungus as the fresh, tender new growth is suseptible to fungus. Older grass has a tougher outer skin that is more resistant.

One solidly/completely dead spot like that can also be from spilling chemicals or gasoline. Do you have more dead spots in your lawn?

Exact identification isn't really important. You can treat with a fungicide as most cover a multitude of fungus. Just make sure you follow the label instructions.
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Slight possibility is "red thread".....take some samples to a small, local nursery and their views.

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