Well pressure problems


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Well pressure problems

Hi folks,

I have a sprinkler system in our garden that is fed from a well. I have a Gardena 3000/4 pressure tank/pump and two solenoids each feeding two sprinklers.

The problem I am having is that since the summer heat has kicked in, I am only getting 10 minutes from the well before it loses pressure. If left alone, the thermal cutout of the Gardena unit will shut it off, requiring a manual reset.

I'm using a Hunter Eco Logic programmer to control the solenoids. Ideally, I would set them to come on for 10 minutes and rest for 10 minutes multiple times and my problem would be solved, but with this controller you can only set 4 program start times, meaning each station would only get 40 minutes watering per day which I don't think is enough in this heat. One solution I suppose is to get another more flexible controller but it's a pity since the Hunter is a nice unit and this is its only limitation.

Does anyone either have suggestions for a controller that would allow me to have the stations come on and off at 10 minute intervals as many times as I want - or alternatively, is there something with my setup that I could change to fix this?

Edit: I'm in the south of France if that has any bearing on things.
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Put some open top containers in several areas of your yard. Then run the sprinklers like you would for a day. Then measure the amount of water in the containers. Most lawn grasses need about 2.5 - 3 cm of rain per week. If you are getting more than that in your 40 minutes then you don't need another controller.
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Do you notice a pressure drop and than an increase....while the irrigation is running ? If so, maybe the well pump is cycling too often and shutting down until it cools off. The pump start voltage is a lot higher then you would think. There is a cycle stop valve that can be used to alleviate this problem.

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